Prempracha Group was established on September 9, 1996 to operate land development business for residential purposes. For over 20 years we have built a residence. and smiles on the faces of many people

Prempracha Group focuses on the vision of housing development to meet the needs. The highest demands of customers, as the slogan says, “A place… that gives you more than the word “home” with the best of 4 things as follows:

1.BEST LOCATION : Every project in Prempracha Group has a location. that is best suited for residential development both location Convenient for transportation in many directions and every location is a green area close to nature

2.BEST DESIGN : with outstanding modern home design. eye-catching from every angle This makes the project of Prempracha Group very popular with customers who have come to experience beautiful houses and are impressed with the style. with the function of the perfect living space

3.BEST QUALITIY : only excellent decorative building materials with high quality. That is the aim of every project in the Prempracha Group, which we carefully selected and carefully selected. along with excellent construction quality to provide the best construction standards to all customers

4.BEST SERVICE : Excellent service. The impressive impression of all Prempracha Group team to their customers is the aim that exists in every Prempracha Group team by focusing on customers’ satisfaction with the service. Because you are our important customer.

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