Townhome 2 floors, width 5.70 meters, 4 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / 1 kitchen / 1 parking space, usable area of ​​​​97 sq.m., house style, new design, NEW CONCEPT, connecting all the joys of life by designing with consideration for use. Life of the whole family

Townhome 2 floors, width 5.70 meters, 4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / 1 kitchen / 2 parking spaces, usable area 120 sq.m. Townhome FUNCTION like a detached house. Spacious master bedroom, HIGH CEILING ceiling, 3.15 meters high, spacious and spacious. With private bathroom, LUXURY LIVING style, makes the happiness of living more.

Quality materials with meticulous attention to detail contribute to the quality of life in the Happiness Ever project.

The happiness that is worth living with loved ones in the family every day. Quality is a good memory forever Good Memory Ever
“ Potential location, connecting all entrances and exits to the city in minutes”


Grade A material

Key Card System


Check Point around

Security Guard 24 hours

Let every step of life
Here… warm and safe

Project plan​


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